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The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.”-Dalai Lama


I work with companies, brands and NGO's that need specialist in:

  • Speaking about ecology and climate issues (fashion, greenwashing, activism)

  • Sustainable Communication 

  • Creative Projects Management 

  • Sustainable strategy consulting 

  • Brands development 

  • Conducting conferences 

  • Creative Writing 

  • Interviewing 

  • Storytelling and connecting the dots 


Where do I come from? 

Twelve years of experience in the fashion industry as the CEO of the most prominent Polish fashion fair for local brands and designers HUSH Warsaw allowed me to understand how wasteful and ruthless the fashion industry is. As a result, it also enabled me to find my sustainable path and become a fashion environmentalist and strategist for brands. I created sustainable supply chains and responsible communication for brands.

  • I realised that working in the fashion industry, even on so many levels, is not enough and that clothing is just one part of a vast broken system. 

  • I started to write and speak louder about sustainability. My articles on sustainability, circular economy and the future of fashion were published at and NOIZZ.PL.

  • My inherent need to spread knowledge inclined me to create MUDA Talks - a podcast about climate change, ecology, and new ideas for a better future (300,000 downloads). 

  • I opened Poland’s first circular boutique with second-hand clothes. 

  • I initiated a pioneering clothing repair project in Poland for a leading Polish sports brand.  

At the moment, the most commonsense goal for me is helping individual people and businesses connect the dots and see the big picture behind the decisions we make. It is important to know how our choices as people, citizens and customers influence the world and inspire people and brands as a collective to claim systemic changes. The change we want to see in this world is possible only if we cooperate and gather to do the right thing, not to be right. 

Clients &

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insta activism is not enough but it's a good point to start:

  • hello_pieta
  • LinkedIn
  • Muda Talks
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